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Access to public business opportunities over Europe

EU-Tenders is the platform that connects you to public sector bodies all over Europe and gives you the opportunity to connect with them and send them your bid on a safe and easy way.

You don't need to connect to national specific web sites every time you want to apply for a business opportunity, you can do it from this single point.

Sell your works, services, and supplies throughout Europe on a new way.

It's free, it's easy and it's secure.

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Avoid cross border barriers


Tender process according to CEF and PEPPOL standards

If you are a supplier that wants to make business with public sector bodies from outside your own country you already know how tough it is because there are cross border barriers like qualifications which are not recognized, national requirements for signatures, usage of specific electronic tools or even language barriers that makes it too complicate for applying to them.

Using EU-Tenders you can jump all these cross border barriers and communicate with the contracting authority in a very simple way.

EU-Tenders is designed following the standards defined by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) and the Pan-European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) organization

This is the reason why using EU-Tenders you will be able to automatically communicate with other European procurement solutions that conform to the same standards.


Can I apply to any public business opportunity with EU-Tenders?


Is my tender safe using EU-Tenders?

Yes, as long as the contracting authority that calls for the tender is using a procurement platform conformant to PEPPOL eTendering standards and it is also connected to the PEPPOL network. You will find this information referenced most probably inside the call for tender documentation.

If you don't know if the contracting authority is connected to PEPPOL you can nevertheless try to communicate with them using EU-Tenders. If they are connected you will receive their confirmation.

Yes, EU-Tenders is based on standards that ensure your tender will be sent to the contracting authority on a secure and encrypted way.

Only the contracting authority to which the tender is sent will be able to access its documents. Not even us can access your documents.

You will also receive an electronic seal from the contracting authority granting that your tender was successfully received by the contracting authority and the time when this happened.

How does all this work?

EU-Tenders works as a communication platform based on messages. You can send messages to contracting authorities and receive messages from them.

The messages are exchanged using the PEPPOL network and the European eDelivery standards for secure digital messaging.

Right now there are three messages you can use:


1. Procurement procedure subscription


2. Procurement document access

Tell the contracting authority who you are and that you are interested on a procurement procedure.

The contracting authority can accept your subscription and keep you informed about updates on this procurement procedure.

Ask the contracting authority to send you all the latest public data and documents of a procurement project.

The contracting authority will send you all the information you need in order to prepare your tender.


3. Tender submission

Once you have prepared your tender use EU-Tenders to safely submit your tender to the contracting authority.

The contracting authority will send you an acknowledgement with time stamp of reception and hash code of the tender.

More to come

OpenPEPPOL, and PIXELWARE as part of it, keep working together to improve and enlarge these standards with new messages and functionalities.

If you are interested on this or other PIXELWARE products you can visit our website: